Here are some examples of how money may be used in The National Children’s Hospital:

€50 could provide DVD’s for the hospital’s outpatients department to help keep children entertained during treatments.

€100 could provide seasonal decorations for the wards creating a comforting atmosphere for the children at Christmas, Easter and Halloween time.

€200 could provide a bright and colourful mural in one of our treatment rooms

€400 could provide for a spaghetti table for the social work department.

€600 could fund the purchase of a ‘Resuscitation Baby’, used to educate parents, families and carers in appropriate CPR for young babies.

€1000 could fund the purchase of a hand-held pulse oximeter – these are used in the Children’s A&E department and throughout the wards to quickly assess the breathing and heart rate of small children.

€2500 could fund the purchase of a diabetes control analysis machine enabling control and adjustment of insulin.

€3000 could fund the purchase of paediatric-specific physiotherapy equipment for children with weight management issues, cystic-fibrosis and young orthopaedic patients.

€7000 could fund the purchase of an ambulatory blood pressure monitor, used to assess the extent of cardiovascular risk in young children and adolescents presenting to the hospital.

€10,000 could fund micro surgery equipment for use in the endoscopy department making procedures less invasive and ensuring they require less time to recover from.

€50,000 could fund a research fellowship, which would facilitate further understanding of many childhood illnesses.

Every donation makes a difference – EVERY EURO IS VITAL.

Please give what you can and make all the difference to Ireland’s future.